Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What is the 2007 World Light Expo?

For the last three weeks or so that i've been passing the Coastal Mall area in Roxas boulevard/baclaran area, construction has been on-going and non-stop to that vacant lot across the said mall and sandwiched by the Roxas boulevard and Macapagal Avenue.

As i pass again yesterday and this morning (as i live in Imus), I am amazed at how things or those non-stop construction has become or starting to look at: there seem to be a white and lighted archway, pagodas, an eiffel tower imitation, a church (?), statue (again ?) and a big white tent. Those are the things that i can see when i pass by the area, together with the tarpaulin that says: 2007 World Light Expo Philippines.

Just the thought that there will something like the World Pyro Olympics again in Manila excites me no end. But really, what is the 2007 World Light Expo?

As i searched the net, i found this site, i think it's the official website of the event, i just haven't explored it yet because it takes too long for the site to settle itself! But from the looks of it, it's like a park, a themepark with pagodas, churches, ferris wheel (!) and fireworks!!

Oh, i just viewed the site, and I found this:

*The first exhibition overseas under the title of "Korea Wave", in the nation.*Cultural festival under the theme of "Light", enabling the entire world to share sympathy.

*Donating some of earnings to the Philippines government, for the expense of visually-challenged children in the Philippines, who can't see light. - Making 'light' symbolize as hope.

*"Light" is selected as the official cultural event in the Philippines Institution of Culture & Entertainment.

*Promoting as the field of festival with the aid of the highly-sophisticated lighting and science technologies by South Korea, the United States, and Japan.

*Securing the solid position as the contacts of Korea Wave in the Philippines, as the core cultural event of the world EXPO-Philippines 2006, and, at the same time, facilitating the increasing number of economic exchanges based on cultural exchanges.

i think it's going to be fun and educational and entertaining and spectacular. i hope it opens soon (the website indicated that the expo will be from Jan 12-Apr 15 2007).

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