Thursday, February 01, 2007


and it happened!

the Ginebra-Talk n'Text semi-final series is now tied at 2-2, same with the San Miguel-Red Bull pairings. are we now looking for a down-the-wire finish? your guess is as good as mine: yes. the semis has now turned to be unpredictable. the San Miguel-red bull game last night was decided by a triple by Penissi in the dying seconds of the game that might go either way.

again, since they're the first game, i wasn't able to watch the game of the gin kings. shame on the bus driver that doesn't want to change the channel. hehehe. i am bitter. LOL.

the same question still floats in the air: is ginebra missing the services of eric menk? the answer is yes and no. in the two of the last three games, yes (because they lost, they cannot run AND no one can consistently post or grab that rebound) but in their two wins, no (because they run, the baskets are coming in and rudy hatfield is smashing the boards!).

while ginebra maybe missing the services of menk, the phonepals hava ren ren ritualo and mac cardona on the floor but ironically, their presence were not felt. i think that's what the kings should do, silenced and distract ritualo and cardona so they won't find their range, and put someone to stop asi taulava from posting.

and rebound.

and run.

and let the crowds join the war.

game 5 is on friday...


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