Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse

don corleone?

no, don chavit singson to manny pacquiao.

lol, okey, i just made that up.

but really, what it is that makes the people champ to be this eager, very, very eager to enter the ring, err, political ring? one can only speculate. but the good news is, at least for now, that political ambition takes a backseat, for now, and that he'll just concentrate on his April multi-million dollar walk-in-park-ho-hum-of-a-fight with this undefeated AND UNKNOWN Solis guy.

what makes him changed his mind, for now? hmm, maybe the cold shoulder treatment given to him by Cebuanos on last weekend's Boom-boom/Z Gorres/Jaca Cebu fight. This article describes it more accurately. was he booed by the fans? or he just realized he's going to earn more in boxing and remain the king of endorsements? well, i am happy for him, at least for now, and he made his mother even doubly happy that she answers every question thrown at her with "I am happy and thankful that he'll not enter politics". manny's own words: for now, backseat muna ang politics. again, for now.

goodness, make it for good na.


okey, something related to the title. :) finally, i've seen The Godfather. yes, the movie. and only now. and i know now what i've missed with those years of not watching it. and what's more shameful? i have the trilogy and they're just there, just there. and i call myself an Al Pacino fan? shame, shame, shame. lol

my review of the movie will not give justice to the greatness of the film, so i will not do that. besides, i am not good with film reviews and more often than not, i give spoilers. see, i'm bad. pero, anak ni marlon brando naman, i am glued to it for three hours and was always "schocked" with those bloody "little" acts of violence, so dark, so good. (and when i saw francis ford coppola with george lucas and spielberg handing the oscars to scorsese, i wanted to say, coppola rules! hehe) and what i love about the film aside from touching loyalty and family is the way it makes you feel the scene, you can feel as you are more nervous with Michael's meeting with Sollozo and that policeguy or when Michael looked for the gun and used it or with luca brasi's "knife" encounter or Sonny's surprise tollgate experience or that Enzo (the baker) trembling in front of the hospital. how can you not loved it, the tension just keep on building up and it will just hit you. bang. and the eyes of Pacino is so intimidating that it will kill you if you refused his offer hehehe. (i remember in Devil's Advocate how those eyes "eat" the robotic acting of keannu reeves, but that's another story).

I just love Al Pacino more. and i am now excited for the next two, i'll have Godfather II this friday (wala kasing basketball) and hopefully the third one this sunday.

so, make me an offer i can't refuse. bang.


vernaloo said...

"go to the mattresses!"

yan lang alam ko sa The Godfather...di ko pa nga alam meaning nyan hehe :)

Anyway pahiram naman! curious din akong mapanood yan pero di ko alam kung maintindihan ko or not :)

Anyway "for now" backseat muna si Pacquiao? Ano ibig sabihin nyan? for now as in for this election year? or for now as in for this month? labo! hehe

zherwin said...

@verns - me subtitle naman, english din hehehe.

sabi ni pareng manny (close?), sa mar 29 daw ang last day ng filing tpos sa april 14 naman daw ang laban, kaya malabo pa raw. at di rin natin alam kung ano yung malabo hehe.

snglguy said...

For me, The Godfather (the first movie) is by far the best of the trilogy. And yeah, Al Pacino rules over every actors he ever co-starred with. Especially Keannu... :-)

Verns, "Go to the Matrsses" means to prepare for a gunfight in Mafia lingo. And there's one more for ya, "Sleeps with the Fishes" means that the guy is whacked... or six feet under. :-)

vernaloo said...

Zherwin....ay labo! hehe

Sngl....ah okay! :) Thanks...may bago na akong idiom hehe :)

sexy mom said...

but we can never be sure, he might change his mind again.

anyway, a few months ago, i watched "The Godfather" movies, all in one go. and yes, i enjoyed watching, even if i was a walking zombie for sometime afterwards. a few days before that i also watched gone with the wind, something like 6, 8 hours?

zherwin said...

@verns - sinabi mo. :)

zherwin said...

@snglguy - some say the last installment was the best, or maybe because it just came in better from the (according to them critics) less than superb part II. anyways, the first one, most of the time, is very hard to top. :) i remember the "fish", it's a Sicilian mob thing that yeah, the guy's whacked (poor brusi)..

zherwin said...

@sexy mom - thanks for dropping by. :) my original plan was to do a similar marathon but something came up so i just settle for the first movie, a good thing actually dahil nagkaron ako ng time para namnamin pa yung ganda nung film.

zelle said...

mas bagay naman kasi kay pacquiao ang maging boxer kesa sa politician!...and of course mas madaming pera doon!

Mon said...

Baka sabihin ni Manny later na

"when you think you're out, they pull you back in"

I think sa GF3 yan, hinde ko na matandaan masyado.

zherwin said...

@zelle - mas maraming pera sa boxing...mas malaki pa sa pork barrel? hehe

zherwin said...

@mon - ewan rin natin pero mas sanay ata si manny ng pinapalakpakan kesa sa bino-boo ng mga tao.


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