Tuesday, February 13, 2007

and the circus comes to town

just to paraphrase the PDI headline.

on the eve of Valentine's day, when lovers and/or would-be lovers are busy applying some finishing touches on the supposed romantic V-day date, making sure no stones are left unturned, making that last minute booking/confirmation to this over-priced restaurant that shouts so much of "love" it actually cut thru your bank account or getting this double/triple priced flowers that has chemicals to go with the sweetness and the what-have-yous, guess what the other "lovers" of our much-publicized, limelight-hugging, showbiz-material politicians are doing?

putting (better ata ang pesting) up posters, baby, posters!

as i passed the roxas boulevard-baclaran area this morning, a new attraction is grabbing the attention from the huge billboards and MMDA metro guapo pink fences, and every passing eyes are roasting (roasted!) on the spanking and brightly colored posters of Ping Lacson and Kiko Pangilinan, and their million-peso smiles are now again "livening" up the otherwise filthy manila reclaimed area!

and it's just the morning after the deadline for filing their candidacy so we just have to brave the remaining 89 days and beyond....

i have been thru a lot of elections and being a pinoy, i should have been used to this circus we call election. but no, not really, i am still and will always be pissed off by politicians who're (remove the ') trying hard to look very nice, very accomodating and very matulungin on their photoshopped pictures (nagpa-facial kaya sila?) with their sparkling teeth brightly shining like their luxury cars.

i think i have to stop here, just the thought of typing the things that they will do and will want us to believe again will drain me no end. and i still have work to do.

i just can't help but say something. maybe i can turn this into an election blog??

no, no, no.


snglguy said...

Scary thought isn't it? That one of these candidates will one day become the tenant of the palace by the river... and that includes those "aristas".

zherwin said...

and their political ads! susmariosep, circus talaga, si villar nakuha pang sumayaw! haha

vernaloo said...

no no no! I hate elections and politics hehe

Anyway baka may plano kang baklasin ang mga posters na yan..you better be careful. One MMDA personnel was shot yesterday dahil binaklas nya yung mga posters. Malay natin baka yung bumaril nagalit hehe

thanks for dropping by pala Zherwin. See you around okay. :)

zherwin said...

salamat vernaloo.

don't worry, wala akong intensyong baklasin ang mga yun, sayang kaya ang effort. :) para yang mushroom na bigla na lang tumutubo..


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